Mousse Foundation

Mousse Foundation




Our choice for oily skin & If you have problems with oily or greasy-feeling skin or get a bit too much shine in the T-zone. This foundation goes on creamy but with a powdery matte finish that calms that shine and balances the oil. As an added bonus, its light, velvety texture visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines so that the rest of your makeup goes on smooth and the perfection of your complexion is noticeable, not your age.


Perfect balance

Cream to powder

Light velvety texture

Light-medium coverage

Matte finish

Visibly reduces appearance of fine lines

Powder is optional


  • We know it can go wrong!!

    Choosing a Foundation online can easily go wrong. You might be confused choosing the right shade for your skin especially if you're trying a new brand. Don't let that stop you from trying our Amazing Foundations. We will be happy to send you free samples of the shades you want to try before you buy, 100% Free, no hidden fees! Just send us an email to and let us know which shade you want to try. Please include your first & last name & your address.

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