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Best for all skin types

An incredible mix of pure arctic mineral mud, containing no fillers. Unique toning mask to detoxify skin, leaving a baby smooth feel. The mud works by pulling out impurities from the skin. Leave skin feeling beautifully firm after just one application.

Mineral Mud Detoxifying Mask

  • The mask is intended for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin, skin exposed to stress or overexposure to the sun, without tone, wrinkled skin with pronounced wrinkles. The mask is lightweight, delicate texture for easy application to the skin, with an extremely moisturizing effect. Protects the skin from moisture loss, supplies it with important vitamins, promotes its regeneration, creates a protective lipid layer on the skin and improves the skin's natural protective function, stimulates the immune system of skin cells. After the mask, the skin is moisturized, taut, with a nice glow and healthy appearance. The protective function of the skin is improved as well as its elasticity and firmness. The skin becomes less sensitive and visibly rejuvenated.






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