Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow


247 Shiver

Icy and glowing, shiver is the perfect shade for setting off your lids and making your eyes sparkle as well as highlighting the corners of each eye and your browbone. A gorgeous complement to every Miracle shade.

267 Faith

A delicate matte mauve with hints of brown, Faith is the perfect pairing for your eyes whether you’re rocking a delicate blue, green or deep brown as windows to your soul. Pair with Fixated for a can’t miss combination.

 355 Beige Mist

Delicate, misty, truly gorgeous this light beige with a delicate hint of bronze will leave your eyes shimmery and perfectly set off whether it’s time to rock your day or rule the night. Show-stopping when paired with Fixated.

360 Lover

Delicately pink, like the first blush on a rose, you’ll fall in love with this shade every time you sweep it across your lids. Find your pink passion when you pair this shade with Kitty.

392 Kitty

A golden rose, like the first hint of sunset, this shade will make your eyes and complexion sparkle. Enjoy sunset on the coast when paired with Beachy or rock your pinks with Lover.

436 Beachy

Feel the salt breeze as it drifts through the air with this lightly shimmering, golden brown that will transport you to the shore and its crystal sands. A beautiful complement to your complexion alone or when paired with Playboy, Naked, or Kitty.

585 Fixated

A rich, chocolatey bronze, this shade will keep all eyes in the room fixated on you. Pair with Beige Mist to keep your sparkle going or Naked for a classic look.

 483 Playboy

A softly shimmering, elegant milk chocolate with the tiniest hint of mauve to make your complexion shine whether you are luxuriously fair or gorgeously dark-skinned. This shade pairs well with Beachy, Lover, and Star Quality.

 609 Naked

A soft brown with only the tiniest hint of shimmer, naked has never looked so good. Perfect for creating a neutral eye or amp up your look by sweeping Fixated with its chocolatey glints into your crease.

471 Star Quality

A sugary brown with a delicate gold shimmer, this shade will keep you looking like a star all day and into the night. Absolutely amazing when paired with Playboy and Shiver.

 273 Latte

A true matte, this soft, pinky beige is an ode not only to that first cup of latte that starts your day but your amazing beauty that shines through. Pair with Faith for eyes that are simply unstoppable.








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