Collagen Plus Cream

Collagen Plus Cream


How it works and results:

Instant lifting and anti-oxidant face protect: With intensive corrective action around the eyes, it visibly reduces wrinkles (- 31%) after a single application and helps prevent premature skin ageing while preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Especially recommended for skin with pronounced crow's feet and expression lines around the eyes.


*In vivo study on 15 volunteers after 1 hour: the depth of wrinkles and lines is filled and the skin surface becomes even.

  • Key Highlights

    Paraben, Paraffine free

    • Anti-wrinke

    • Anti-ox

    • 35+

  • Main Ingredients

    Collagen: For reducing wrinkles and improving firmness

    Aloe Vera: Anti-inflammatory & Softening agent

    Oatmeal: Soothing & Calming irritated & sensitive skin

    Vitamin E: Anti-oxidant, moisturizing without greasiness

  • Use

    Using your fingertips, apply a small amount of cream to cleansed and toned skin around the eyes every morning and evening with gentle circular motions to give a simultaneous massage to the eye area.

  • Miracles & More Advice

    Skin around the eyes needs special care, since it is much thinner than in other areas of the body and hence more sensitive. Just half a millimetre thick, skin around the eyes is not only four times thinner than skin covering the rest of the body, but also has very little subcutaneous fat. It is therefore not appropriate to care for the skin around the eyes with the same cream as used for other facial areas, the neck and upper chest. Always treat your skin around the eyes only to the best and gentlest care - an eye area cream which matches your skin type and condition.

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