What is a Cleansing Lotion and How to Use it to Get Beautiful, Hydrated Skin

Okay, so most of us know what a face wash is, right?

After all, the name is self-explanatory.

But, if you haven’t heard of a cleansing lotion before or have never used one, you could be missing out on a step in your skincare routine that could curb dryness, open up your pores, and help you get the beautiful, hydrated, glowing skin you want.

That’s why we’re going to answer all the most common questions about cleansing lotions, including why you should use one and how to get the best results.

But first, let’s talk about what a cleansing lotion is…

What is a Cleansing Lotion?

Unlike a traditional face wash, a cleansing lotion is more on the milky side. It smooths over your skin to remove dirt and impurities to allow your skin to breathe, yet is extremely gentle.

This makes a cleansing lotion perfect for you if you’re exposed to the pollution that comes with city living, or have dry or sensitive skin.

A cleansing lotion is thicker than your average face wash, and while it helps to remove the oil and dirt that can pile onto your skin, it can also deliver higher levels of hydration than a face wash, something that’s especially important during the dry, winter months.

Ingredients to Look For

Of course, it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing the right cleansing lotion to care for your skin, since you want to remove dirt and toxins, not use a cleanser that’s toxic itself.

That’s why at Miracles & More, our Botanical Cleansing Lotion is crafted using coconut and sugar beets to be naturally gentle. And, it’s infused with chamomile, aloe, cucumber, and Japanese green tea to tighten, soothe, and deliver powerful antioxidants to combat free radical damage that can age your skin.

How to Use a Cleansing Lotion

To get the best results, and clear, vibrant skin, you’ll want to use your cleansing lotion twice a day, morning and night.

First, pull your hair back and wash your hands.

Next, pour a small, dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand and gently massage over a dry face. Start with the apples of your cheeks and use light strokes to work your way over the rest of your face. You can add more lotion as needed to create a light, even layer and thoroughly cleanse.

For an even deeper cleanse, and open, clear pores, you can also mix equal amounts of our Botanical Cleansing Lotion with our Miracles & More Exfoliating Facial Polish to whisk away the dead skin cells that clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Finally, thoroughly rinse, remembering to splash the sides of your face, to ensure all cleansing lotion is removed and dry your face, using a clean towel and gentle pats.

If you’ve noticed excess oiliness, spritz on our grapefruit seed, chamomile, and green tea Face Toner to rejuvenate your skin and control shine.

The First Step to Glowing Skin

Remember, clean skin is your first step to healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin. So, no matter how many things are on your to-do list, put yourself first and cleanse twice a day. The time you spend caring for your skin will be rewarded many times over in the future.


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