What Causes Acne? Why do some people get Acne while others don't?

Let's first identify the main key factors that cause Acne or Acne Prone skin?

1- Heredity, which means that Acne can genetically pass on from parent to child. Oily skin & Oiliness levels are heredity as the amount and productivity of sebaceous glands is determined by your genetics. So if you have oily skin or Acne, there's a high chance that you inherited that from a parent or a grand parent. Unfortunately, if this is the case, no matter what you do to control oiliness, it can't be permanently controlled as Oiliness is heredity. The good news is, you might not be able to control the oiliness but you can always treat your Acne problems if you used the right products and a good skincare routine.

2- Bacteria: As I mentioned in my previous post, that Acne prone skin & oily skin don't shed cells from the skin surface as the normal skin does. This causes pileups of dead cells or what we call "Cells Build Up". When the cells build up inside the follicles it causes the follicles to congest which results in the infection of the follicle and the formation of Bacteria. In fact all skin follicles contain acne bacteria which are the normal bacteria that occur in the skin. These bacteria only survive in the absence of oxygen. So when you have excessive sebum production or excessive oiliness, this Sebum & oils can block the oxygen in your follicles and cause congestion. If there is little or no oxygen penetrating the follicle, an ideal environment for Acne Bacteria is formed allowing this bacteria to live & grow.

3- Hormones: Puberty, Menstrual cycle, Pregnancy & hormonal Imbalances are also good reasons why you're getting Acne. Seven to ten days before your period starts, the body realizes that this cycle's egg will not be used and begins a hormonal process to start the menstruation period. During this time of every month, you might experience a skin breakout, the reason why we get that, is because of a series of hormonal reactions that stimulate the sebaceous glands which can cause inflammation and surges of sebum in the follicle which result in pimples and breakouts. Women who gets severe premenstrual breakouts every month, should consult a dermatologist and have a hormonal disorder test to determine if any other problem exists.

4- Food: there are some food that when we eat can affect our skin and may worsen Acne. These types of food include:

Dairy Products, for some people dairy products cause skin breakouts & acne. However other people don't have the same problem. If you think consuming dairy products have any connection to your Acne problem, try to give up dairy products for 3 weeks and see if your skin improves or not.

High processed & sugar-rich food, sometimes we might experience skin breakouts when we eat too much carbs or sugar rich food, like cakes, chocolates, etc...

High Iodine Food, such as Sushi, Tuna Fish, Shrimps, Seaweed, etc... when very highly consumed by some people, may result in skin breakouts and acne.

5- Stress: We all know that stress can cause a lot of problems to our bodies, but how can stress cause our skin to breakout? When stress occurs, the adrenal gland produces adrenaline which is a hormone produced to manage stress or handle it. When the adrenal gland over produces adrenaline to manage the stressful situation you're having, large quantities of Androgens (Hormones) are produced as well, causing more sebum (Oils) to flow which results in a skin breakout. If you noticed that happening to your skin whenever you're stressed, try to exercise, have a warm bath & add some Himalayan bath salt, get a massage, do some yoga or meditation to help you relax and get rid of the stress you're having.

6- Cosmetics, there are some fatty based ingredients that can cause skin to become more oily and make your acne worse. If you have Acne or oily skin you have to know that not every skincare or cosmetics products work well on your skin. Products that cause clogging pores, skin breakout and Acne are called " Comedogenic" try to remember this word as you have to look for it on any product you're using on your skin. Make sure any product you use is "Non- Comedogenic". I remember when I was 16, I really wanted to formulate makeup that doesn't damage my skin. I loved wearing makeup and while Acne was not a problem for me as a teenager as my skin was normal to dry, I was still worried about the makeup products I apply everyday to my skin. Now, there are a lot of brands that sell non-comedogenic skincare & cosmetics that cause no damage to the skin and I am proud that Miracles & More is one of them too.

Now, after we learned about the sixth main causes of Acne, we can move to the next topic which is how can we treat Acne and what ingredients to look for in our products to effectively treat Acne Prone Skin & Acne problems?


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