The Three Steps to Saying Goodbye to Fine Lines and Wrinkles around Your Eyes

There’s no doubt about it…

One of the first places you’ll notice signs of aging is around your eyes.

From that little bit of sagging to crow’s feet and even deep wrinkles, the fragile skin around your eyes is far more prone to showing the years you’ve lived than the rest of your face.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to live with those lines, not if you know the three steps to banishing wrinkles and sagging and firming your eye area.

#1 – Gently Exfoliate

Even if you already exfoliate the rest of your face, chances are that you’re skipping the skin around your eyes completely.

In fact, most people ignore their eye area during exfoliation for fear of damaging that delicate skin.

But, the truth is that just like the skin on the rest of your body, the passage of time brings a buildup of dead skin cells that makes the skin around the outer and lower portions of your eyes look dry, cracked, and wrinkled.

So, don’t fear exfoliating. Simply do so gently.

For this, we recommend our Miracles & More Mint Exfoliating Polish because it’s kind to your skin.

Crafted using only natural ingredients like sugar cane, it gently sweeps away the dead layer of cells while soothing and hydrating with apricot oils, aloe, green tea and seaweed. As an added bonus these antioxidants also help to combat the free radical damage that accelerates eye aging.

#2 – Add Serum

Next, it’s vital that you use a serum that deeply penetrates to plump, lift, and smooth in order to say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles.

Our serum of choice for the fragile skin around your eyes?

Our Miracles & More Firming Face and Eye Serum with its scientific formulation including aloe, cucumber extract, and potent skin-firming peptides.

The serum’s lightweight formula made up of microscopic molecules of natural actives work to rapidly increase cell turnover and boost collagen production – the perfect formula for plumping those lines, smoothing and resurfacing your skin, and banishing that sag.

#3 – Layer Eye Cream

Finally, top your serum with a layer of moisturizer specifically formulated to address the signs of aging around your eyes.

And, hands-down the best eye cream you’ll find is our Active Eye Cream.

In fact, our cream is infused with two proven actives that are very hard to find in other products on the market.

The first is Albizia Julibrissin Bark extract, which works to enhance your natural skin barrier to protect the collagen and elastin that keep your skin around your eyes firm, plumped and youthful and powerfully brightens eyes, reducing bags and dark circles.

And, the second is our potent extract from the Spilanthe Acmella flower, which helps to relax facial tension, diminish lines and wrinkles and smooth your skin. As an added bonus, this powerful extract also works to stimulate the production of collagen so that your eyes look firmer, lifted and yes… younger.

So, don’t dread those signs of aging around your eyes, instead kick them to the curb and smooth, firm, and lift your eyes with these three simple steps. After all, you want your eyes to be the windows to your soul – not your age.

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