The Best Eye Shadow Looks for Spring 2020

The changing weather should mean more than revamping your wardrobe, it also means refreshing your makeup and switching up your eye shadow shades to be spring-ready.

While many of us think only about pastels for the season, the truth is that spring is a time for options, color, shimmer, nudes, and more.

So, let’s take a look at six mix and match eye shadow shades that will help your rock spring yet last you through the summer.

#1 -Fixated

A rich, chocolaty bronze, this shade will keep all eyes in the room fixated on you, day or night. Highly-pigmented, Fixated complements any eye color and is perfect for creating a classic look.

We love Fixated for creating a beautiful brown smokey eye.

#2 – Kitty

A hands-down springtime favorite, Kitty is simply divine.

A golden rose, like the first hint of sunset, this shade will make your eyes and complexion sparkle. Swipe Kitty across the crease and pair with Lover for your lids to amp up your pink power.

#3 – Shiver

According to Cosmo, one of the hottest makeup trends for Spring 2020 is the “Glitter Smokey Eye”. So, skip the matte smokey eye and level up with a shimmery shade.

For this we love the icy, glowing effect of Shiver. It’s the perfect shade for setting off your lids and making your eyes sparkle as well as highlighting the corners of each eye and your brow bone.

#4 – Beachy

Spring means more times outdoors in the sunshine. And, how better to embrace the gorgeous weather than by swiping Beachy across those lids to make your eyes pop.

With Beachy, you can practically feel the salt breeze as it drifts through the air and its shimmering, golden brown shade transports you to the shore and its crystal sands. For the ultimate sunset in springtime look, pair Beachy with the golden rose of Kitty.

#5 – Playboy

Add a softly shimmering, elegant milk chocolate with the tiniest hint of mauve shade to make your complexion shine whether you are luxuriously fair or gorgeously dark-skinned with Playboy.

The modest mauve takes this shadow from winter to spring seamlessly and will have you wondering where it’s been all your life.

It’s also a beautiful pairing for the delicate pink of Lover.

#6 – Lover

This one could not be missed since we recommend pairing it with both Kitty and Playboy.

So, be sure to add Lover to your spring eye shadow palette to rock its delicate rose pink and look spring-friendly.

Look Delicious for Spring

Here are a few added tips to take you from breezy day to hot date night to dream time.

1. First, don’t forget the Primer to make sure your eye shadow stays put and keep it from blending unevenly.

2. Next, maximize your lashes with a plumping Mascara designed to moisturize, strengthen and nourish, while adding length.

3. Finally, complete your look and frame your eyes with an Eyebrow cream to easily fill in, shape, and define your brows.

Spring is here and it’s time to rock the latest eye shadow trends for a truly lit look. Experiment with the shades above to find the prettiest combos for this springtime.


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