The 4 Steps to Saying Bye-Bye to Pimples for Good

As teenagers, we all think, if I just make it through high school, I won’t have to worry about pimples again.

In college, we look in the mirror and wonder if it’s the late nights studying and the fast food between classes that are causing our skin problems.

And, by our 30’s and beyond, even if our acne has improved overall, we look in the mirror with irritation each time a new pimple pops up, ruining the flawless look we were planning for the day.

Unfortunately, while many products promise clear skin, most simply don’t deliver and often make the acne we dread worse, thanks to chemicals that suck the life out of our skin, alter its natural balance, and make it look dry and older.

That’s why we’ve developed a four-part system that helps you say bye-bye to pimples and hello to flawlessly beautiful skin, glowing with health, using only natural, safe ingredients.

So, here’s your clear skin plan.

#1 – Cleanse, but gently

Too many women think that since acne is caused by all of the dirt, oils, and germs that accumulate in their pores that cleansing with harsh products to strip it all away is the answer, only to find it leads to worsening irritation and breakouts.

Instead, at Miracles & More, we use our Chamomile Face Wash infused with white willow bark, red clover, and elderberry extracts to soothe, calm, and ease irritation and leave your skin gently cleansed and your complexion clear and even.

#2 – Tighten pores

Next, it’s time to refresh, tighten pores, and liven up dull skin with our gentle botanical Face Toner.

Its combination of Japanese green tea, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, g\Grapefruit and Cucumber seed extracts leave your skin looking firmed and toned, while gently exfoliating to reveal smooth, soft, glowing skin.

#3 – Sweep away dead skin cells

Old, dry, dead skin cells clog pores and leave your complexion less than radiant.

That’s why once a week, we recommend gently whisking them away using our Mint Exfoliating Polish.

This gentle face polish, derived from sugar cane and blended with apricot oils, lemon, apple, Aloe Vera, Green tea, and seaweed, is perfect for even sensitive skin types to help you show off a cleansed, clear, healthy complexion, without drying.

#4 – Decongest

To cleanse those pores deep down, the final step in your clear skin plan is our weekly Mineral Mud Mask.

Formulated with pure arctic mineral mud, containing no fillers, this unique toning mask decongests your pores, pulling out impurities so that your skin is left baby smooth, beautifully firm, and amazingly clear after just one application.

These four products will work together to give you the clearest, healthiest, most radiant skin of your life.

So, why wait?

Start today and say bye-bye pimples and hello to a purely flawless complexion.


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