The 4 Best Self-Care Tips when You’re Stuck at Home During Coronavirus

Just in the past week, it seems that we’re living in an entirely different world.

Schools and restaurants have closed, grocery store shelves are bare, and officials are warning us to stay at home. In fact, some of us are living in cities that have been completely locked down.

So, with all of the added stress and worry right now, it’s more important than ever to practice good self-care in order to weather the coming weeks.

With that in mind, we’ve put together four of the best ways to pass the time and keep yourself feeling great, even if you’re stuck at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

#1 – Meditate

Stress can wreak havoc on your sleep, your eating habits, and even your immune system. And, one of the best stress-busters is meditation.

Simply find a quiet place to pass some time. You can sit on the floor, a cushion, or your couch or lie down on your bed.

Now, focus on your breathing. Feel your chest rise as you inhale and lower as your breath leaves your body as you keep your thoughts on the present moment. If distraction creeps in, allow those problems to drift away and return to your breathing.

You can meditate for as few as three minutes or as long as you need to feel centered and stress-free.

#2 – Journal

A great way to acknowledge your worries as well as your blessings is to keep a journal. You can jot down your thoughts as the days go by. But, be sure to also include things you’re thankful for to practice gratitude.

#3 – Spend time outdoors

You might not be able to go to the gym, the movie theater, or even your favorite restaurant, but no one says you can’t step foot outside.

In fact, an easy way to feel happier and more optimistic is to spend some time outside in the bright sunlight.

Head to your own backyard or down the street to the park. This allows you to avoid close contact with others while still feeling as if you’re part of the world around you.

#4 - Give yourself a spa day

Is there anything more relaxing than a day at the spa?

Well, just because you can’t head to your favorite location right now doesn’t mean you can’t bring a spa day to you.

Simply start with your favorite cleanser, like our Miracles & More Chamomile Face Wash or Botanical Cleansing Lotion.

Next, reveal gloriously smooth, silky soft skin with our Mint Exfoliating Polish and follow with our Mineral Mud Mask to deep cleanse your pores and say buh bye to blemishes.

Finally, smooth our Moisture Rejuvenation Serum, with its time-released antioxidants over face, neck, and decollate, then top with our Active Eye Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer for deep hydration.

The results?

Amazingly gorgeous skin, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and the ultimate in relaxation.

The next weeks or months could mean large amounts of time at home compared to what any of us are used to. So, take time to enjoy it and most of all, take time for yourself with the self-care tips above.


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