The 10 Commandments of Rocking a Bold Lipstick

Have you ever worried that you just can’t pull off a bold lip color? Or that if you try, your lipstick will smear, give out on you or otherwise leave you looking let’s just say “less than perfect” halfway through the day?

If you’re answer to those questions is a yes, you got it… we’ve got your top 10 rules for rocking a bold lipstick and making a statement.

#1 – Exfoliate

You want your lips to be noticed for the right reasons, not because the rich, gorgeous color you’ve chosen is gathered in your lip lines and creases or flaking away thanks to dry, peeling skin.

That’s why the first step to a bold lip makeover is to exfoliate and scrub away that dead top layer to leave your lips smooth and velvety soft.

And luckily, exfoliating that pout is easy.

Simply use a damp wash cloth and gentle circles to reveal kissably soft lips.

#2 – Don’t Skip the Primer

When it comes to makeup, whether it’s eye shadow, foundation, or of course lipstick, your world will never be the same once you embrace the magic of primer.

Primer creates a smooth base for a lasting finish and prevents your lipstick from feathering or smudging.

So, if you’re ready to go bold, be sure to use our Miracles & More Eye & Lip Primer.

#3 – Even Tone

When creating a bright, bold lip, you want the color you’ve worked so hard to choose to shine through. Unfortunately, your natural lip tone can throw off the look and change the true-to-tone color you’re looking for.

But, there’s a simple fix for the problem…

After priming, simply apply your Miracles & More Foundation or BB Cream to your lips to create a neutral canvas.

#4 – Consider Your Skin Tone

  • Everyone can go bold and look amazing but that doesn’t mean that every shade is the perfect fit to flatter your skin tone.

  • As a rule of thumb, choose a lip color with a pink or blue base, like our Puppy Love, if you’re skin tone is cool. Or, for those of you blessed with warm, olive toned skin, check out our Just Out with a hint of orange to make your complexion pop.

#5 – Layer

One trick to a bold lip that lasts all day is to layer. Simply apply, blot with a tissues, and apply again.

To take your layering and the staying power of your lip shade to the next level, use our Miracles & More Translucent Powder between coats.

This helps your lipstick stay put and vibrant.

#6 – Get a Crisp Edge

Don’t forget that bold lips look best with a crisp edge.

This can be achieved by brushing concealer in your shade along your lip line for extra definition.

#7 – Watch Those Pearly Whites

Rich lip color can stop people in their tracks. But, you want them looking at your lips, not the lipstick that’s sticking to your pearly whites.

After applying your lipstick, pop your clean finger into your mouth and simply pull out. This allows any lip color that’s lurking on the inside of your lips to transfer to your finger rather than your teeth.

#8 – Play with Shades

Also, don’t be afraid to try something new!

If you end up with a shade that’s not exactly perfect for you, you can always top it with a pink or gold gloss to alter the tone, play with the color, and find your perfect pairing.

#9 – Keep the Focus

When you go bold in your lip shade, your bright lips should be the focus of your look. This means keeping the rest of your makeup minimal, making your pout the star of the show.

Try simply adding foundation, a highly pigmented eyeliner (like our Longwear Eyeliner in Black), and our extreme length Lashwear Mascara to balance your look.

#10 – Be Bold

Finally, get out there – be bold, be confident, and enjoy the amazingly gorgeous look you’ve created.


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