Take Your Island Girl Look from the Beach to Coronado Glam

Coronado is our favorite place on Earth. After all, Miracles & More was born right in the heart of Coronado with its amazing natural beauty, gorgeous sunshine, and California’s fabulous weather. That’s why as we mentioned in our last post, the look we love the most when it comes to makeup perfection is the Island Girl look, like you just stepped off the beach and your skin is radiant and glowing.

However, while exuding day-at-the-beach beauty can’t be beat whether you’re spending the day at home, running errands, or rocking a meeting at the office, if you plan to enjoy a night of cocktails with the girls, or even that special someone, it’ s time to level up your look.

That’s why we’re giving you our expert tips on how to take your Island Girl look to a whole new dimension and go Coronado Glam.

#1 – Glow beautiful, glow

Healthy, happy, glowing skin is the signature look for any Coronado beauty, so that’s exactly where we’re going to start.

We believe that getting out into the sunshine is important to help you get plenty of vitamin D but we also know that using sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays is vital to warding off premature against.

That’s why we recommend skipping a tan and instead grabbing an instant glow with our Sheer Glo Lotion in Paradise.

It’s the first step whether you want an Island Girl look for daytime or are ready to glam it up for night.

You can apply it under your Flawless Foundation or BB Cream, or mix it in for a perfectly natural look.

For complete perfection, apply our Camera Ready Face Primer prior to your foundation and Sheer Glo Lotion to create a smooth base for your makeup and minimize fine lines.

#2 – Give yourself a high five

Now that your face is a radiant canvas ready for the night, it’s time to take it up a notch and truly show off those cheekbones.

While our blusher in Adult Only is perfect for your daytime Island girl look with its lightly shimmering golden bronze shade, for an evening out, we love to step it up a notch with High Five. Reminiscent of a sunset glow, this elegant pink with a hint of bronze shimmer takes you from day to night in a heartbeat.

#3 –- Rival the stars

Our daytime Island Girl look for eyes pairs Beachy, a shimmery golden sand shade, with Beige Mist to add that hint of bronze you get from the sun.

But at night, we like to look like a star. That’s why we go with our highly pigmented shadow, Star Quality, a sugary brown with a delicate gold shimmer to keep you looking like a star all day and into the night. It’s absolutely amazing when paired with Playboy, an elegant milk chocolate and Shiver, which adds an icy sparkle.

Of course don’t forget to fill in those brows with a crème brow liner to frame your eyes as well as maximize and lengthen those lashes to truly stand out.

#4 – Go extreme

While we recommend a bronzy gloss to look like an Island Girl all day, Coronado glam requires something more extreme.

That’s we go with our Lipstick Extreme in Buh-Bye or Sex on Heels – both pure perfection for a fabulous night out.

#5 – Make it last

Of course, just like with our daytime look, at night we always set our makeup using our Fresh & Fabulous Setting Spray.

It will not only help keep your makeup from melting, fading or settling onto fine lines, it also keeps your skin moisturized and deeply hydrated.

Look Coronado Flawless

So the next time you head out to enjoy a glamorous evening, do it Coronado style with our Coronado Glam look that will have you turning heads wherever you go.

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