How to Choose the Perfect Blush Color for Any Skin Tone

Choosing the right shade of blush can instantly make your cheekbones pop, warm your complexion, and even make you look younger! Yet, picking that perfect shade can be challenging.

But no worries…

We’ve got you covered!

Whether you have fair, medium, olive, or dark skin, here’s how to pick the most flattering hue and look your best every day.

Fair Skin

If you have fair (or especially ultra-fair) skin, picking the wrong shade can leave you feeling like a clown. However, there’s an easy way to remember the shades that work for your skin tone – the three P’s.

Those are pink, peach, and plum so let’s break it down.

First, fair skin and baby pink go hand in hand since that’s going to be the natural shade that you blush and will look subtle yet beautiful on you.

Our pick is our Miracles & More Nude.

Delicately pink and elegantly glowing, this blusher let’s your natural, innate beauty shine through and show the world their perfection.

Your second choice, and a can’t-miss, is to stick with a light pink with a peachy tone, which is universally flattering for all skin types, like our High Five.

Or go bold and go plum with the deep rosy, magenta shimmer of Curvy.

Medium Skin

If you’re lucky enough to have a medium skin tone, your complexion is already warm and only needs to be enhanced.

You can grab that enhancement along with a subtle shimmer with our Adult Only shade of blusher – a golden bronze, lightly shimmering, and simply fantastic, that makes every sweep is a step closer to perfection.

Or go with Unsung for a rosy pink that will make everyone in the room stop and take notice. It’s perfect for going bright on medium skin and giving you a vibrant but natural flush.

Olive Skin

Olive skin has a green under tone that can make finding the perfect blush even more of a challenge. The key is to stay away from blushes with cooler tones since they can make your skin look ruddy.

Instead, go for warm tones that add depth and brighten your skin while contouring your cheekbones.

Shades we love for olive-skinned beauties are…

Entice with its soft, rosy brown, give you a shade is purely enchanting, purely elegant, and purely enticing.

And a must-have if you have olive-toned skin is our Drizzle, a pure, matte bronze that is the ultimate in perfection for deeper skin tones to enhance your natural beauty and keep all eyes on you.

Dark Skin

Finally, if you have dark skin, you don’t have to be intimidated by any shade, so enjoy!

You have a license to go bold and choose the most highly pigmented shades.

To stick with a powder blusher, try our Curvy that allows you to layer in order to amp up the color and go from day to all night long.

Or go all out with our Cream Cheeks for a serious pop of lasting color you’ll love.

And remember…

Summer is just a few short weeks away and no matter what your skin tone, use that sunscreen to protect yourself and keep your skin gorgeous for life.

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