Black Lives Matter

At Miracles & More, we stand with the Black Community. We are overwhelmed with sadness and frustration that justice is still not justice for all, and that equality is still far too often only equal depending on your skin tone.

We share your outrage at the loss of the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

We are inspired by the people who are raising their voices, despite how they have been marginalized, and are fighting for change. We see you and stand in solidarity with you.

It has been far too easy to believe in the dream of our nation, without acknowledging the reality, but no more. The only way for real change to happen is for everyone to join and in one voice say that we will no longer tolerate inequality and injustice.

Although Miracles & More is a small business without the large resources at the fingertips of leading beauty brands, we are determined to do more to support change.

We vow to listen to the voices of the black community.

We vow to start conversations about racial injustice.

We vow to bring awareness and amplify the movement.

We vow to be part of the change because Black Lives Matter!

The dream of our nation may not be reality now, but it can be if we all join together and refuse to accept a return to blindness. Because while we should be blind to skin color, we should never be blind to racism and injustice.

Together we cannot just right injustice but prevent it from ever happening again.

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