6 Powerful Confidence-Boosting Beauty Secrets to Use Every Day

Because confidence and loving yourself is such a big part of looking and feeling beautiful, we’ve spent the past few weeks on the easiest ways to boost your self-esteem, from beauty tips to keeping track of your successes and laughing more often.

And to wrap up the month, we thought we would bring you the six most powerful secrets we know that can take your confidence to the next level, each and every single day.

#1 – Eat a healthy diet

What you put in your body determines how you feel from head to toe. In fact, your diet can cause you to break out or leave your complexion glowing, zap you energy or supercharge it, and make you feel like hiding away in bed or conquering the world.

This means that eating a healthy, balanced diet full of fruits, veggies, and whole grains is the first step to feeling good about yourself and being miraculously beautiful.

#2 – Stop negative thoughts

The fastest way to ruin your day and your confidence is to allow negative thoughts to creep in. So the next time you find yourself wishing away fine lines and wrinkles or those extra pounds, banish the negativity that tells you you’re not good enough.

After all, you’re amazing exactly as you are!

#3 – Enjoy the moment

To grab a quick self-confidence boost, focus on living in the moment. Rather than thinking about bad things that may have happened in the past (or the past few hours), instead live in and cherish the moment you’re living right now. It will never come again so you might as well love it!

#4 – Work toward your dreams every day

Nothing can make you more confidence that watching your dreams come to life. So spend at least a small part of each day working to make those dreams come true. As small successes build, you’ll find pushing forward to achieve your goals becomes easier and easier.

#5 – Put on your power song

Everyone has a song that makes them feel like they can’t lose that takes their productivity and energy to the next level. Whether it’s “We Will Rock You” by Queen, “Born This Way” from Lady Gaga, or “Rise” by Katy Perry, queue up your playlist and rock the house to send your confidence soaring.

#6 – Listen to your heart

Finally, always remember that your heart will tell you where it wants to go. So listen to it, do the things you love to do that inspire you. When you’re fulfilling your heart’s desires, confidence and beauty simply comes naturally.

Be You

While those tips wrap up Confidence Month here at Miracles & More, be sure to keep in mind that confidence and self-esteem aren’t a destination. They’re a journey – one you work toward a little each day.

So be you, love yourself and embrace the fact that you’re perfect just as you are in all your miraculous, natural beauty!



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