4 Steps to Skin that is Soft as Silk

A baby-smooth, blemish-free complexion is something we all dream of, yet the passage of time can cause our skin’s smoothness to go south, leaving it to become dry and rough.

Luckily, it is possible to reclaim your radiant complexion and get the silky & smooth skin you want.

And, it’s as easy as one, two, three, four…

Four steps to get soft, silky skin fast, from head to toe.

#1 – Cleanse

Most of us don’t think about cleansing our skin when it we think set out to achieve a soft, air-brushed look. But, it’s hands-down the most important step to keeping your skin smooth and glowing.

That’s why you want to choose a gentle cleanser that can remove all the dirt, oils, and makeup that can clog your pores, without irritating or drying.

Our Cleanse, Botanical Cleansing Lotion, hits all those marks.

The milky lotion crafted from coconut and sugar beets is infused with skin-soothing chamomile, cucumber, and aloe Vera along with Japanese green tea to combat the free radical damage that can accelerate skin-aging.

#2 – Exfoliate

Dead surface cells make your skin feel rough and dry as the desert. They also block the reflection of light so that you look older and your complexion appears dull.

Gentle exfoliation, like with our Mint Exfoliating Polish, whisks away those dead cells, instantly softening and smoothing and revealing a luminous glow.

And, since our polish is made with green tea and seaweed extract, it’s perfect for balancing oils, locking in moisture, and plumping for a more youthful look.

#3 – Hydrate

Of course, once you’ve gotten rid of the dirt, oils, and dead surface cells that destroy your complexion, you need to replenish your skin to achieve ultimate softness.

That’s why we’ve formulated our Hydrating Mango Face Cream to deliver a velvety blend o of 5 oils along with exotic Mango and Shea Butter, to increase skin elasticity and ease dryness.

We also infuse it with hyaluronic acid to significantly boost skin moisture, smooth fine lines and provide a “plumping” action.

#4 – Butter Up

And, remember to address all your skin – not just your face – if you want to rock silky smooth skin all over.

Apply our Shea Body Butter every time you step out of the shower or bath to lock in deep down moisture and keep your skin soft and supple. Soft as Silk…

So, if you want to get skin that’s softer, smoother, and radiantly beautiful, practice these four steps daily.

To make it easy, we’ve put together our Soft as Silk four-step system with everything you need for less.


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