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Your skincare products have become some of my all-time favorites. I absolutely love the soothing feel and smell of your Chamomile Face Wash. The toner is fantastic and so hydrating that I like to spray it on multiple times throughout the day. 

I tried the Acne Bundle 2 months ago & and I can't say anything but Amazing!! for the first time I can say I finally found a solution for my acne prone skin. The Acne wash  gel is really gentle on my skin, cleans it but doesn't dry it which I really love the most. 

My friend recommended your products to me and honestly its the best products i have ever tried blusher, foundation and the lipstick everything was amazing ❤

I am using quite a few products from Miracles and More skin care and make up lines and I am beyond happy and satisfied. All what it says it will do, it does. 

Why Miracles & More? 

I believe that real beauty comes from Nature. It's just as simple as it sounds. Sometimes we can complicate things. We feel the need to dress it up, add more or make it fancy. When all along it is just perfect, as it is.

In Miracles & More, we ​believe that skincare should not be complicated. We believe it should be easy to use, gentle on your skin & extremely effective. This is why we are bringing our unique Botanical based Skincare & Cosmetics Line to your hands. Clean, Gentle, uncomplicated and extremely Miraculous.

Miracles & More is all about the miracle of nature. It's about creating your own miracles in life.

But most of all, it is about helping people nourish themselves using only the finest natural ingredients which is all inspired by nature.

Sara Ali

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