Creating a flawless look for summer with its added heat and humidity isn’t just about changing the type of makeup you use. It’s also about looking at the newest trends and choosing the ones that will keep you looking updated and gorgeous as the thermometer rises.

While we’ve already spent time on the best summer makeup tips for 2020 to help you beat the heat in the summer months, today we’re going to look at the hottest trends in makeup this summer so that you can try out your faves and look completely miraculous.

#1 – Sun kissed skin

Glowing skin simply never goes out of style – think a beautiful blush or shimmery bronze. But what happens if you can’t get away for a tropical vacation this year to grab that just left the beach glow?

Well, no worries…

We say create your own sun kissed, glowing skin, whether sitting at home, at your desk, or even on that tropical beach. After all, if you can do it without those damaging UV rays, why would you do it any other way?

For a lightweight tint that evens out the tone of your skin and gives your complexion a healthy glow, without looking heavy or caked on or covering your natural freckles, we love our Miracles & More Sheer Glo Lotion in Bronze.

It delivers that fabulous sun kissed look, no sun necessary.

#2 – Bold blush

Summer 2020 is the summer of the cheekbones so pump up that color!

If you normally go with a more neutral shade, now is the time to take your blush up a notch or two.

Pair our Miracles & More Unsung Blusher for a purely perfect pink or go bold with Curvy, a deep rosy magenta with a silvery shimmer that is unstoppable. Sweep on lightly for a radiant, glowing look or layer to amp up the color and go from day to all night long.

Just be sure to pair a bold cheek with a neutral look for your eyes. Our faves for a neutral summer eye are our Beachy Eye Shadow together with Playboy, Naked, or Kitty, which will have you feeling the salt breeze as it drifts through the air, whether you can hit the beach or not.

#3 – Easy-breezy natural beauty

The last few months that most of us have spent at home under lockdown orders have sparked one of the biggest trends in beauty this summer. And we expect it to keep going strong through the rest of 2020 and beyond.

More of us than ever have spent time wearing less makeup and realizing that often the secret to beauty is simply natural.

The best way to embrace this natural trend and feel sexy and renewed with less effort, simply apply our Touch Up Veil Concealer under eyes and anywhere else you need it to even tone, swipe on our Cream Cheeks Blush for a gorgeous flush of color, and add volume to your lips with our 3D Volumizer Lipgloss in Go Bare.

You’re instantly ready to face the day and enjoy everything summer has to offer.

Have a miraculous summer!

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How to Beat the Heat and Look Flawless?

The coming summer months can mean fun in the sun but they can also mean makeup that seems to melt off your face the second that you step into the sweltering heat and humidity.

That’s why in order to look totally fabulous and absolutely flawless in the months ahead, it’s time to give your makeup routine a makeover and think sheer.

Here’s how to keep your makeup from turning into a sweaty disaster with our failsafe tips…

#1 – Exfoliate

Okay, exfoliating isn’t really a makeup tip but let’s get real – no matter what the season, gorgeous makeup always starts with a skincare routine that preps your skin, getting it ready to look and feel its best.

Since the summer heat and sun can quickly damage your skin, leaving it dull and your pores clogged, it’s vital to exfoliate regularly to uncover fresh new skin cells. Our Miracles & More 3 in 1 Exfoliator is perfect for normal to oily skin to deeply cleanse while exfoliating, peeling and tightening enlarged pores.

#2 – Go Tinted

Summer is not a time for thick layers that can end up looking sweaty and cakey as the day goes on and the heat rises.

Instead, we recommend using a tinted moisturizer like our Age Defense BB Cream. Simply apply a light layer for sheer, gorgeous coverage or for an even lighter, airier feel, mix with our Hydrating Mango Face Cream before sweeping it across your face with your favorite makeup brush to make it last longer and keep it from looking oily.

#3 – Grab a Tan the Safe Way

Although we would all like to look sun-kissed this summer, those UV rays punish the skin, accelerating aging and leaving behind lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

So instead of baking in the sun in order to look bronzed, grab a faux glow with our Miracles & More Sheer Glo Lotion, in Bronze or Glo Pink, which you can wear alone or on top of your foundation.

#4 – Resist the Water

The sweaty days of summer can leave you with raccoon eyes and serious smudges. That’s why especially in the dead of summer, going with a water resistant version of your eye makeup faves is a must.

Our Lash Ware Mascara is not only resistant to water to keep it in place, it delivers gorgeous length for your lashes, without fibers, plastics, or sealers.

And our Waterproof Longwear Eyeliner is highly pigmented and smudge-proof to give you the makeup perfection you’re looking for even in the summer heat.

#5 – Think Cream

Our Cream Cheeks Blush makes it easy to look, put together even when you’re walking around in that sticky, stuffy humidity and 100 degree plus heat.

Summer Beauty for Summer Fun

As the temperatures soar, it’s time to think about makeup that won’t fade away. Use the tips above to look flawless all summer long and embrace your natural beauty.

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At Miracles & More, we stand with the Black Community. We are overwhelmed with sadness and frustration that justice is still not justice for all, and that equality is still far too often only equal depending on your skin tone.

We share your outrage at the loss of the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

We are inspired by the people who are raising their voices, despite how they have been marginalized, and are fighting for change. We see you and stand in solidarity with you.

It has been far too easy to believe in the dream of our nation, without acknowledging the reality, but no more. The only way for real change to happen is for everyone to join and in one voice say that we will no longer tolerate inequality and injustice.

Although Miracles & More is a small business without the large resources at the fingertips of leading beauty brands, we are determined to do more to support change.

We vow to listen to the voices of the black community.

We vow to start conversations about racial injustice.

We vow to bring awareness and amplify the movement.

We vow to be part of the change because Black Lives Matter!

The dream of our nation may not be reality now, but it can be if we all join together and refuse to accept a return to blindness. Because while we should be blind to skin color, we should never be blind to racism and injustice.

Together we cannot just right injustice but prevent it from ever happening again.

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