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"I have always wanted to formulate Natural & chemical free Skincare & Cosmetics. I wanted people to know as well as I do, that they can always find a solution for any skin care problem they have, in Nature. I have always believed that taking care of your skin shouldn't be complicated and you don't have to buy many expensive products to have a great skin. I always believed that simple is the best. And as I have always known that real beauty comes from nature. From the richness of Argan oil and the soothing calm of Aloe Vera, from the benefits of marine collagen to celebrated hyaluronic acid. If you look closely enough, nature provides us with all the ingredients we need to nurture our skin and hair.

It is why I have dedicated decades to formulating these raw, pure and natural ingredients to create products that really work. From as early as I can remember I was blending and formulating natural products for friends and family. Trusting in nature to soothe, heal and restore. But it was only after many years of studies & researches, that I began to dedicate myself to this blend of art and science as a career. With a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation from Formula Botanica, I created my own line of products. Now I spend my days carefully crafting each and every one.

And when customers tell me how these products have helped them, I still get that same thrill I first felt all those years ago. It’s like I’ve always said to my children: believe in all the miracles you can be and more. And with every Miracles & More product, I want my customers to feel the same same way. 

Nature’s ingredients are a gift to us all."
Sara Ali
CEO & Founder of Miracles & More

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